Partially removable dentures

A partially removable prosthesis can replace missing teeth, extracted over the years, in the upper or lower jaw. Its completion allows the patient to find effective chewing during meals as well as to restore the aesthetics of the smile.

It is composed of a metal frame, which makes it solid, as well as a “false” resin gum on which the teeth that are replaced rest. The removable prosthesis is retentive thanks to the hooks present on the remaining natural teeth.

It is important to note that when a temporary step is necessary, following the extraction of several teeth and while waiting for the healing of the gum, for example, your dentist may offer you a transitional resin appliance that you will keep for a few months before making the final, more resistant and better adjusted device.


In order to achieve this apparatus generally 4 four sessions are necessary.

After fitting the appliance, there may be an adjustment period of a few days, during which your dentist will adjust the appliance for you during a check-up.

In order to guarantee the durability of the device, it is necessary to take care of it by cleaning it every day with a prosthesis brush and Marseille soap.

Complete dentures

Complete removable dentures replace missing teeth in completely edentulous patients. Their completion restores effective chewing during meals as well as aesthetics.

The devices hold thanks to a “suction cup” phenomenon created thanks to a film of saliva created between the gum and the device, and can sometimes require glue in order to stabilize them as well as possible.

Generally, four or five sessions are necessary to complete the device.

When the devices do not stabilize well, often in patients with very flat ridges or with little saliva, an alternative solution using implants is possible. The implants then allow the device to clip on and not move.

In order to guarantee the correct aging of the device, daily maintenance is mandatory by brushing the device with a prosthesis brush and Marseille soap every day.