Our commitment is to eliminate all dental pain during and after care. For this, we have different anesthesia techniques adapted to the gesture to be performed, as well as to your experience.


In the vast majority of cases, local anesthesia, performed without pain, is sufficient. For surgical procedures such as the extraction of impacted wisdom teeth, we will use a stronger type of anesthesia, with the help of an anesthetist from the Lyon-Villeurbanne Medipôle.


This anesthesia called neuroleptanalgesia uses the same products as those for general anesthesia, with lower doses, allowing the duration of hospitalization to be reduced to half a day.


Surgical procedures such as the extraction of impacted wisdom teeth or in some cases the placement of dental implants are performed in the operating room of the Lyon-Villeurbanne Médipôle.


  • Our team is trained in the use of medical hypnosis. If desired, this technique enables you to change your perception of dental care into a pleasant experience.
  • Every treatment room has a projector that can be used to show entertaining or educational videos.