Dental surgeon rates

The fees of dental surgeons can be classified into three categories:



These acts appear in the Social Security nomenclature. This is routine dental care (decay care, scaling, extractions, x-rays, etc.). The fees are determined by Social Security and are the same for all registered dental surgeons. If you benefit from the general Social Security scheme, you will be reimbursed 70% of the amount of this care. The remaining 30% will be reimbursed by your complementary.



Certain procedures (removable or fixed prostheses) may be subject to a fee overrun. The fees are then determined by your dentist.

For all these acts, we systematically establish an estimate for you before starting the treatment.

Social Security reimburses these acts with excess on the basis of a fixed price. The excess can be covered by your mutual insurance company. To find out the amount, all you need to do is send our quote to your mutual insurance company.



These acts are not covered by Social Security.

This is for example the fitting of dental implants, bleaching or certain gum care such as resurfacing. We also provide you with an estimate before starting the treatment.

These acts can be reimbursed by certain mutuals: do not hesitate to send our quote to your mutual for more information.