If you have already consulted Cabinet Dentaire Bayard and you are followed by one of our practitioners, only under this condition are commiting to receiving you within 24 hours (according to an internal emergency protocol).

On weekends and public holidays, there is an on-call service that you can consult on the website of the Dental Surgeon Council of Rhône.

You can also consult pharmacies on duty.

You can also dial 15 to talk to a doctor from the SAMU of Lyon.

IN THE EVENT OF AN IMPACT ON A DEFINITIVE TEETH (for a teenager or a young adult)

If the tooth is expelled (completely out of the mouth), the best course of action is to immediately retrieve the tooth and store it in physiological saline or milk, without cleaning it. It is also possible to keep it under the tongue, in the saliva.

The tooth can be re-implanted within two hours of the fall, subject to success.