Ceramic veneers nowadays represent the must of dental aesthetics. When the condition of the teeth is compatible, they can restore the patient’s smile at a lower tissue cost since the preparation of the tooth remains minimal, and the vitality of the teeth is preserved.

Indeed, veneers are thin ceramic films stuck to the visible surface of the anterior teeth, and allow to close spaces between the teeth, to modify the crown of the tooth, the shade, the shape, the length, and even the alignment of the teeth, making the smile more symmetrical and harmonious.

Our prosthesis laboratory

located next to our practice, supports us in the care of patients in order to guarantee a personalized, tailor-made, natural result, adapted to the patient’s morphology and smile.

The completion of the veneers requires 3 or 4 sessions:

– A first session of photos and prints for the completion of plaster study models,

– A try-in session of a resin “mock-up” applied directly to the teeth foreshadowing the final result in order to validate and modify together the shape and alignment of future teeth,

– A session of shaping the teeth and placing temporary resin veneers foreshadowing the final result,

– Fitting, adjustment, and gluing of the final veneers.